Little finger supporting the brush movement!

I believe we can live without our little finger, maybe if possible replace it with our thumb. After all the thumb is most important. Even Dronacharya thought that — remember the Ekalavya story?

Grrrrr! You must be feeling like sending a tight SLAP across my face and you would be right. Cos I just did it for thinking about replacing my little finger.

To set the record straight, the little finger gives about 50 percent of our hand strength, a research done by the University of Western Ontario found that losing our pinkie on our dominant hand would be catastrophic.

Hello Lovely people,

This is the story of how the lift fucked me for being a good guy.

Let’s go straight to the incident and then if you are still interested, you may go through the Gyan.

Fifi & I walked back to our society, pressed the lift button and it was right there, the door opened. We stepped inside the lift only to see that the lower ground floor buttons were lit. …

Well! as they say actions speak louder than words, it was about time for me to do something about my attraction towards toastmasters. Since I moved from my very relaxed life to a crazy SaaS world ;) I joined hands with few of my colleagues and started building the club. As the word spread and thanks to our HR as well as Facilities managers who made this a reality by registering the group as a formal Toastmaster club and got the buy in from the leadership too yay!

Slowly and steadily the day came, when I had to present my…

Hi Linda,

I had my ice breaker and it was the best prepared speech of the day, Yay!

I will be creating a post similar like yours, obviously will give the credit but hopeing that its alright with you that I post my story.

Hello Linda,

I am going to do my ice breaker in coming week and well, here I am reading your article. After I read it, I could related to so many points your shared. Thankyou so much for sharing, it helps as now I have a structure from your experience.

“You are too casual and use lot of hindi slangs in your communication, we don’t feel confident that you will be able to comprehend the American customers or be able to help them. Hence we have to take this difficult decision to let you go.”

This is what I was told by the voice and accent trainer at my first call center job, however, thanks to the lead trainer I was somehow given a 15 days probation period (till the training completed)to show the improvement in my verbal communication.

I still remember after my final mock call, I ran to…

Lush green rice fields ready to be harvested were being rampaged by the rats. With no predatory cats in the village, the population of the rodents were on the rise. The humans were in trouble and unable to come out of this situation.

Down in the burrows a healthy rat couple while having dinner were discussing about how beautiful the life was and how their kids would grow up in such a great village full of food and no danger to life. …

From a small town of Jharkhand to an international tourist spot, home of “FC Barcelona”. A Solo travel to foreign land to end up meeting lovely people and finding soul brothers. It was an amazing time that I spent in Spain. Hence to give my respect and acknowledgment to everyone who was part of my travel is my responsibility, hence I am writing this article.

A club in barcelona!

This was an important event in my life as I had always wanted that my first international travel would have some meaning to it and not just a recreational event. Hence, I was thrilled when…

I heard Chris Voss, a famous author of the book “never split the difference”, he spoke about Oprah’s rule, and shared an example of how he ends a conversation by saying “I want us to be successful together”. Bam!!! it hit me.

All our life we have been taught to create the “BEST” first impression because “The first impression is the last impression” and after 38 years of the head-scratching, I realize that it was nothing but hocus pocus.

Why “The first impression is the last impression” a myth?

Because it is artificial!

Take your interviews for example. Do you wear the same outfit which you wear on a regular…


We are often stuck with the dilemma of how to get the work done? What is the best way to drive the workforce? A long time ago, the author of Arthasastra, Chanakya the great and in recent past Radhakrishnan Pillai who interpreted and made the scripture easy to understand in his book called Corporate Chanakya, has explained the following three modes.




While Radha sir takes the method of what a leader should not do, I am merely sharing my experiences and letting you decide how you want to drive your workforce!

As I love stories, here’s one…

Ravi Verma

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